Bait Boat "The Rc Fishing Pole" "Bait Bucket"

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Want to Spread Chum and Catch Fish with a Remote Control Boat? You need "The RC Fishing Pole and Bait Bucket! Put it on any rc boat, two self adhesive holders go on your boat, then snap it on! No tools, screw's, or glue! It fits on any R/C Boat! Deploy Chum, or Put a Lure in the Bait Bucket and  Catch Fish!
The Rc Fishing Pole.
The Bait Bucket.
Set of Holders for Boat.
Line, Bobber, Hook.
Line Release Pads.
This New Product May Change The Way You Go Fishing! Remote Control Boat Fishing and Bait, Chumming Attachment The Rc Pole and Bait Bucket fits on Any Remote Control Boat! Use The Rc Fishing Pole to Pull in Small Fish with the Boat or Drive Your Line Out Hundreds of Feet and Release it Where You Want. Attach the Bait Bucket and Drive a Handfull of Chum or a Baited Hook,or Lure Out Hundreds of Feet and Release it For Big Fish. How Remote Control Fishing Boats  ALWAYS CATCH MORE FISH Than Regular Fishing! Have you ever thrown a handful of breadcrumbs from the dock? Drive Your Lure-Bait and Chum Hundreds of Feet! Fill your Bait Bucket with Baited line -lure - chum Drive It with Your Remote Control Boat! Attach your fishing line with hook or lure from your fishing pole. Fill the Bait bucket with chum, drive it out and release it! rive Your Lure-Bait and Chum Hundreds of Feet!
Create a Fish Feeding Frenzy when you use the Bait Bucket! Fill it with anything fish eat, and Baited Line from your Fishing Pole, drive it out with the rc boat and release it wherever you want. Put a lure in the Bait Bucket and drive it out hundreds of feet, further than you can ever cast! No more bait falling off your hook when you cast, drive it out in the Bait Bucket!
Remove the Bait Bucket, and The Boat pulls em' in! For the small fish instead of using your fishing pole, put a short line and hook, (included) on the end of
The RC Fishing Pole", and when the fish is hooked drive the fish to shore while it's hooked to your boat!
Put the baited line from your fishing pole on the holder on "The RC Fishing Pole" with the line release pads, or put it in the Bait Bucket. Instead of casting drive your fishing line around to your Favorite spot, watch your bobber and when a fish is hooked the fishing line comes off the boat, then reel it in with your fishing rod.
That's the fun thing about "The RC Fishing Pole", you can catch any size fish! Use your fishing pole and drive your bait anywhere. And when the fish is hooked the line disconnects from the boat and you reel in the fish!
You Get: "The RC Fishing Pole",  "The Bait Bucket", set of boat holders, 15 line connectors, fishing line, with hook and bobber, sinkers, instructions, RC Fishing Pole decal. See Our Other Listings for Radio Control Fishing Boats!
Fits on any Remote Control Boat! Includes:
Rc Fishing Pole.
Bait Bucket.
Holders for boat.
Line, Bobber, Hook.
Line Release Pads.
You are About To Learn The Secrets About  Remote Control Fishing Boats That Most Fishermen Will Never Learn Chumming was done hundreds of years ago. Fishermen hung a dead animal from a tree limb of overhanging the water. Fly eggs would fall off the rotting animal into the water providing the fish with food, and making them easy pickings for these smart fishermen. Using a Rc Boat to carry chum is another way to attract a school of fish to wherever you drive the boat. You can turn any remote control boat into a bait boat with "The Rc Fishing Pole" and "The Bait Bucket"!  Use your own rc boat or see ours. Put some chum in the Bait Bucket and the fish will come running to your hook! A polular method of chumming for fish is to deploy chum to the same spot every day for a week or so. By doing this it will attract the small baitfish which in turn will attract the big gamefish. At the end of the week of chumming start fishing the spot. Recipes for chum are easy to make in the kitchen, and most sporting goods stores carry pre packaged chum. Freshwater Fishing chum includes simple things you already have in the kitchen like flour, bread, corn, oatmeal, dog food or cat food works too! etc. Depending on if you are Freshwater Fishing or Saltwater Fishing you might use different ingredients for the bait. Saltwater chum is similar, and usually includes ground up fish parts.
Types of Ingredients to use for Chum
Pre-packaged dry chum, groundbait, burley
Cracked corn, bread, oats, cat food, dog food, chicken parts
Homemade stink bait either frozen or fresh
Cut up pieces of carcasses or bait fish
Crushed crabs, shrimp, squid, sand fleas, or worms
Canned or frozen bait fish
Pre-packaged liquid or gel attractants See our other  Fish Fun Co. Listings for Rc Boats with The Rc Fishing Pole! or contact our Customer Service 734-502-8796 Find Fish Fun Co. on Facebook-google-and watch our youtube videos!

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